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Praise for Carve a Place for Me 

If the work of poetry is to elevate both ideas and audience through the weight of words, Cheryl Seely Savage's labor is a sound success. In this irresistible collection, she achieves that delicate balance between uplift and density, surprising and challenging her reader at one turn with shimmering humor, and at the next, with leaden despair. She moves artfully and honestly through a woman's landscape, from the "youthful buds" and "giddy, bubbling joy" to the "burning hoops" and "belching fire and death" (a different dragon mom!), of motherhood. She spares little, and in doing so offers so beautifully, bitingly much.

        --Melissa Dalton-Bradford, co-founder of Mormon Women for Ethical Government (MWEG), the non-profit Their Story is Our Story; poet, essayist, refugee language teaching volunteer, international speaker, and award-winning author of Global Mom: A Memoir and On Loss and Living Onward

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